Juul-Compatible Pods Review

Do you enjoy the experience of Juul pods but wish you could find more variety or cheaper pods? If so, you’re part of a large market of folks who enjoy vaping with a Juul but don’t enjoy the limited selection of e-juice flavors or the typically higher cost. Don’t panic because we’ve got you covered. Before you run out and buy the first off-brand, Juul-compatible pods that you see for sale, take some time to read our Juul-compatible pods review.

Who Needs Juul-Compatible Pods Reviewed?

Depending upon where you live and which stores you frequent, you may see various brands of Juul-compatible pods for sale. You can’t expect all of them to adhere to the same standards as the market leader, so you can either test them or do some research. Here at VaporScapes.com, we haven’t tested every brand, but we’ve certainly tested the most popular brands. Benefit from our take on the best Juul-compatible pods review.

Eonsmoke Juul-Compatible Pods

Finding Eonsmoke Pods for Sale

We’ve first found Eonsmoke Juul-compatible pods for sale at local gas stations and some vaping shops. Since we haven’t seen mango Juul pods for sale locally, it was a great chance to try this popular flavor.

Of course, you can find Eonsmoke Juul pods for sale on the company’s own website and at other online vaping retail sites. You can save more money by buying these Juul-compatible pods in bulk too.

Eonsmoke Pod Review

The pod worked fine in our Juul devices. The flavor tasted great, but we thought we used up the pod a little quicker than we did typical Juul pods. Of course, none of us can say if the pod went down faster or we just sucked on them more because of the flavor.

These are the highlights of our Eonsmoke Juul-compatible pods review:

  • You can choose between four- and six-percent nicotine.
  • Besides mango pods, you can also choose between dozens of other flavors on the site.
  • Listed prices for a pack of four pods are generally much cheaper than Juul pods.

Refillable Juul-Compatible Pods

If you want zero-nicotine, the cheapest way to enjoy Juul vaping, or simply like more variety, you might consider buying refillable Juul-compatible pods. You can buy a bottle of nicotine salts for $20 to $30, and it will refill pods dozens of times, so buying refillable pods and e-juice will offer you a frugal decision that gives you more control over your vaping experience.

We’ve already dedicated an entire post to these refillable Juul-compatible pods from OVNS, so be sure to check it out. If you’d rather, you can also find the refillable pods for the Juul for sale online here.

MNGO Pods for Juul Devices

We also found the MNGO pods for sale. We didn’t actually buy mango-flavored pods because the site was out of stock, so we took a chance on pineapple. We got a pack of five pods, and not four, for about the same price as Eonsmoke and for much less than a typical four-pack of Juul pods.

This fruity e-juice flavor was great, and we don’t have any complaints about how long the pods appeared to last. Sometimes, we found a coating of juice on the outside surface of a leaky pod, but it wasn’t enough to ruin our experience.

Conclusion of Our Juul-Compatible Pods Review

What are the best Juul-compatible pods? If you just want a consistent experience, you might be happier buying Juul pods. Yes, they cost more. Yes, flavors are usually limited at retail outlets. You can pry off the tops and refill them a couple of times, but you could also choose to purchase high-quality Juul-compatible pods that are designed for multiple refills. Otherwise, you can save a little money by buying third-party pods for your Juul.

To save money on third-party pods, Eonsmoke and MNGO have a decent reputation as the best Juul-compatible pods. Another option to consider are Loon pods, and as a note, we really like the Loon Juul-compatible vaping device.

You may or may not be able to buy Juul-compatible pods at gas stations, convenience stores, or vaping stores, but you can surely find them online. You might need to plan ahead, but if you buy in bulk, most online sites will also offer you generous discounts.

2 thoughts on “Juul-Compatible Pods Review

  • May 11, 2019 at 4:16 pm

    As for the OVNS Juul-compatible pods, I need to make a clarification to this article. The OVNS JC01 and W01 pods are different. The WC01 pods are 1.8 ohms. The JC01 (I think) are 1.5 or 1.8 ohms. The big difference is that the JC01 has ceramic coils.

    From what I understand:

    W01: Good for thinner eliquids
    JC01: Better for thicker oils and distillates

    Anyway, I might have this wrong, but there is a good Reddit thread on the topic of the OVNS JC01 vs W01 refillable pods: https://www.reddit.com/r/juul/comments/ax41d1/jc01_vs_w01/

    • May 11, 2019 at 4:18 pm

      Thanks, I think we just tested these with the pods that we got in our original order and probably didn’t check to see if there was an alternative.

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