Vapes on a Plane: How Can You Carry on E-Cigs?

With today’s crowded airports, long lines, and tight security, nobody wants to face a hassle because they need to take vapes on a plane. Learn the rules for when to carry on e-cigs and accessories, plus when and how to pack vaping gear in checked luggage.

Can You Take Vapes on a Plane?

This is US-based information, and while it probably applies generally in other countries, it’s best to check authoritative, local sources. In the United States, the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, enforces the rules for checked or carry on e-cigs and accessories.

  • Carry-on e-cigs: Yes, you can take your electronic vaping devices in carry-on luggage. You can even put it in your pocket or purse. The best advice is to pack your e-cig and pods in its own bag that’s easy to pull out at security.
  • Carry-on e-liquid: If you bring e-liquid in a carry-on bag, bottles cannot hold more than 3.4 ounces, according to the TSA’s rule on liquids. Put them inside of a clear baggie, so you can pull them out at the security gate.
  • Checked baggage e-liquid: You can bring a larger bottle inside of your checked luggage. You’d be prudent to pack your bottle inside another container and not take too much. Especially if you’re flying overseas, you don’t look like you’re carrying enough to sell.
  • Duty-free store e-liquid: Apparently, if you buy e-liquid in a duty-free store, packed them with a receipt and in clear, sealed bags, you can take larger bottles of e-liquid in your carry-on baggage.
  • Checked vaping devices: No, you may not pack any electronic vaping devices in your checked luggage.

Things can also change. Before your trip, you can check with your airline. They should have rules for flying with vapes posted on their website. If not, call about checked or carry on e-cigs and supplies.

Is Vaping in Airplanes Allowed?

No, of course you can’t vape on the plane.

Get yourself some nicotine mints or gum to defray cravings if you need to. If you plan ahead, you can find nicotine mints on Amazon for a pretty good price. You just stick them between your teeth and gum to suck on them as long as possible.

Do people try to get away with vaping on planes? They probably do but it’s a bad idea. We’ve been told that the smoke detectors in the bathrooms are very sensitive, and even though you’re not smoking, they might pick up the vapor. If the smoke detectors aren’t the problem, there may be cameras.

Besides, vaping on commercial planes is a federal offense and just not worth it.

Can You Vape in the Airport?

Well Mapping Megan has a list of some airports that may allow vaping. Man, she’s got everything. Anyway, the only American airports she’s got on that list are Dulles and Vegas. Please don’t rely upon that list because it may not be current.

In any case, prudent travelers will research in advance or at least, ask somebody at the gate. Some airports may not allow vaping in the general areas but have restaurants or bars that allow it.

If you’re not sure, it’s safer to just regard vaping rules as similar to smoking rules. No, it’s not fair, but it’s prudent. Again, if you’re concerned about nicotine cravings, you’re probably wise to pack some nicotine gum or mints for your trip.

Charging While Traveling

As soon as you do make it to a vape-friendly destination, you’ll certainly want to be sure your vape is charged. Plan ahead by having a spare vape or even a disposable in your carry-on bag. You might also invest in one of those charging cases.

For instance:

  • This Juul charging case on Amazon only costs about $13 and holds a charge, your vape, and some extra pods. It’s also a good way to pack your vape.
  • If you have a regular USB device, consider one of these portable USB power banks. You can use it for your vape, phone, and other portable devices. You can also attach the Juul charger to it, but that’s a little clunky, plus you can’t vape with the Juul while you charge it. Anyway, few people have ever regretted bringing along an extra charge.
  • You can also find vaping travel accessories for various devices on LighterUSA, plus try the GIVEME15 promo code.

Flying With Vapes

In summary, you need to carry on vapes and e-cigs. You can pack extra e-juice in checked luggage. You cannot vape on planes, but you may be able to find vape-friendly places in airports. It’s a good idea to buy some nicotine mints if you’re worried about cravings, and you might also invest in a charging case or portable USB charger.

If you have any tips or comments about flying with vapes and supplies, let us know in the comments. Have a great trip!

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