Vaping Guide for Beginners

If the thought of walking into a vaping store intimidates you — or you haven’t even worked up the nerve to enter one yet — you’ve arrived at the right place. The folks here at Vapor Scapes published this vaping guide for beginners because they felt the same way when they were first introduced to the wonderful world of electronic cigarettes and other electronic vaping devices.

The Vaping Guide for Beginners

Get started with this vaping guide for beginners by exploring various types of vaping devices, kinds of vaping juice, and the parts of vaping devices.

Types of Vaping Devices

First, you should know that you can choose from many different kinds of vaping devices. All vaping devices come with a battery, a heating element, and a tank or pod to hold the liquid, typically called e-juice or vaping juice. If you buy a disposable e-cigarette, you don’t have to know much about the various components because you don’t need to recharge the battery, refill liquid, or change out a burnt coil. If you don’t know what any of that means yet, don’t worry. For now, simply understand that you can select from multiple kinds of vaping devices.

Types of Vaping Devices
Types of Vaping Devices

These are some of the most popular types of vaping devices:

  • Disposables: You simply take these out of the package, puff until they’re empty, and then toss them. Disposable e-cigarettes are easy to use, but you have to take what you get and will probably end up spending more money in the long run.
  • E-cigarettes: These electronic devices form a cylinder that resembles a traditional cigarette. You get a rechargeable battery and can screw on pre-filled canisters that contain a heating elemet and vaping juice. This was the most common kind of vaping device for beginners a few years ago but has fallen somewhat out of fashion.
  • Pod mods: Juul, Smoke Nord, and Smoke Novo are all examples of pod mods. You get a rechargeable battery that connects to the pod. You may either have refillable or pre-filled pods. The pods also contain the heating element, called a coil. In some cases, you can replace this coil without replacing the entire pod. Pod mods have become quite popular lately because they are generally simple to use, convenient, and enjoyable to vape with. Lots of people say they provide a better experience for smokers trying to quit with vaping than the older e-cigarettes do because they usually use nicotine salts. If you’re interested, consider some good pod mods to replace smoking.
  • Box mods: Generally, vaping mods have a lot more power and features than other alternatives. People who use vaping mods don’t mind a bit more complexity in order to enjoy a customized and satisfactory experience. Box mods are usually the most expensive kinds of vaping devices, but they aren’t necessarily the costliest kind to use.
  • Vaping pens: As the name implies, vaping pens are usually shaped like a pen. As with other vaping devices, you will have a rechargeable battery. In addition, you screw in a type of canister or tank that may or may not have a replaceable coil. If you want to vape with heavier kinds of juices, you might try a vape pen.

Guide to E-Juice

Of course, you’ve got to have something vape. Most often, people vape with e-juice that contains a percentage of nicotine. E-juice comes in a variety of strengths and of course, flavors.

Types of Nicotine Vape Juice

These tips can help you choose the best vaping juice:

  • Examples of flavors may range from tobacco to tangerine and chocolate to coffee. Such flavors as mint and mango tend to be very popular.
  • Typically nicotine salts come in strengths that range from three to six percent nicotine. As noted below, nicotine salts might also be labelled as three to six mg per ml. You will select your strength depending upon your nicotine habit.
  • Regular vape juice usually comes in strengths that range from 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18 mg/ml. You may also see this expressed as a percent. For instance, 12 mg/mg might be labelled as 1.2 percent.

Non-Nicotine E-Juice

Of course, you will also find vaping enthusiasts who vape solutions that contain other chemicals, and with the right equipment and solutions, you might even try vaping essential oils or dry herbs, such as tobacco. In “legal state,” you can even buy vaping juice infused with THC at dispensaries.

Some people enjoying vaping for the sensation or flavor. At the same time, they don’t care to have any nicotine or other substances in their juice. You can find 0-nicotine e-juice as well.

Buying E-Juice for Your Vape

Typically, you buy your favorite e-juice in 30 or 60 ml. bottles. These days, you might also buy pre-filled pods or cartridges that you simply pop in or screw into your vaping device.

If you’re the DIY type, you may even start making your own vape juice. For instance, you can even buy vape juice bases and flavors on such retail sites as Amazon.

Which E-Juice Should You Buy?

Certain vaping devices are better for various uses, like nicotine salts, regular e-juice, CBD oils, and so on. For instance, the Juul and Smok Nord were designed to offer you the best experience with Nicotine salts. You may also find vaping devices that can handle various products with different coils, canisters, pods, coils, settings, and other accessories.

If you shop online, you can read the descriptions or recommendations to discover which devices go with various kinds of vaping juices. You might also find a local vaping store with good reviews and let the salesperson guide you. Simply tell the clerk what you want and consider suggestions.

How to Get Started With Vaping

If you use tobacco now, vaping may provide you with a better alternative to smoking. Basically, you just need to buy a vaping device and some vape juice to get started. Since this is a vaping guide for beginners, you may want to consider a simple pod mod or vaping pen to enjoy the benefits of convenience, simplicity, affordability, and a great experience.

To get started with vaping, you can shop online or visit your neighborhood vaping store. If you decide to shop locally, you might want to check prices and reviews online first. Determine why and what you want to vape, and let that be your guide when you select the best vaping devices and vaping juices.

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  • April 4, 2019 at 9:32 pm

    Really informative post on vaping for beginners. There’s a lot to think about!

  • April 6, 2019 at 4:35 pm

    Okay, so vaping devices come with a battery, a heating element, and a tank or pod to hold the liquid? Got it. I’m looking at buying a disposable e-cigarette, but still considering the costs. Not going to work well with my current situation.

  • April 6, 2019 at 11:06 pm

    I’m not a beginner with vaping but I still enjoy learning new things about it. Like now, I just realized that there’s a tangerine and chocolate flavor. They sound like fun and I really won’t mind picking them next

  • April 7, 2019 at 1:29 pm

    Best beginner vaping guide. Cigarette smoking is beginning to tell on me and so I have decided to try vaping. It’s all new to me but I’ve been reading up a lot about it. Thanks for this, I now know just how to make a choice and choose a device and juice.

  • April 7, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    Wow. Lots of flavors to choose from. I’ll just buy the different types to enjoy the satisfaction of each of them. I bet they will taste just like what they are!

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