Smok Novo 2 Review

At first, it seemed like Smok delivered the perfect pod vaping system when they unveiled the original Smok Novo. Mostly, they delivered a cheaper and in many ways, better alternative to closed system pods like Juul. Even so, plenty of vapers experienced the dreaded “autofire” problen or simply wished the Novo’s battery lasted longer. To find out if this new pod really delivers, take a moment to read this Smok Novo 2 review.

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Smok Novo 2 Vs. Smok Novo

If you’ve already experienced the Smok Novo, you probably want to know how it compares to the Novo 2. For this Smok Novo 2 review, it should help to compare some of the most essential features directly:

  • Battery: At 800 mAh, the Novo 2 battery is almost twice as powerful than the 450 mAh battery offered by the original. Mostly, the Smok 2’s more powerful battery can benefit you with a longer battery life.
  • Pods: Yes, you can use the same pods in the original and the new version. Smok has also introduced a variety of pod strengths. In the starter kit, you get one 1.4 ohm MTL Pod and one .6 ohm DTL pod to try out. You can buy pods separately, and there is even a ceramic coil pod that you can purchase. All pods hold 2 ml. of juice.
  • Voltage: Depending upon the coil within the pod that you choose, you can vary the Smok 2 from six to 25 watts. The original Smok could vary from 10 to 16 watts, so the Smok Novo2 offers you more flexibility.

For the Novo 2, you also get an indicator light that will help you know when it’s time to charge your battery. Green means your battery is well charged, yellow means it’s time to think about getting a charge, and red indicates a very low battery.

Did the Smok Novo 2 Fix the Autofire Problem?

Most of us were fairly satisfied with the Novo for what it was. It was a convenient pod system that was pretty affordable to buy and use. The problem that sent us packing was the constant issues with the sensor. Apparently, the design made it too easy for e-juice to drip down into the battery casing.

You can find all sorts of videos and documents about ways to take your battery out to try and fix the problem, but that sounds like a very bad, warranty-voiding, dangerous idea. Smok has addressed this problem by redesigning the air sensor.

While it’s too early to say if it’s completely fixed, we have certainly not experienced an autofire problem with the Smok 2. We also haven’t found any reports of the autofire problem with the Smok 2, and trust us, we looked!

Is the Smok Novo 2 Better Than the Smok?

The two devices are the same size, though the Smok 2 has a selection of updated paint jobs that look great. A fix for the Novo’s autofire problem would have been enough for us, but adding in a battery indicator, a stronger battery, and more pod choices clinched the deal. We bought two!

For what it is, the Smok Novo is a pretty satisfying purchase for people who enjoy vaping pod systems. Hopefully, this Smok Novo 2 review will help you make an informed choice.

Does the Novo 2 deliver the best vaping experience on the planet? Honestly, no. We’ve certainly used other vaping systems that delivered more of a punch, but they were almost always more difficult or more expensive to use. Is it a good choice for people who want a vaping system that’s easy and affordable to use and cheap to buy? Sure, it is.

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