Juul Product Review:Why is the Juul Vaping Device This Popular?

The Juul vaping device has emerged as the most popular vaping device in the United States, despite some obvious disadvantages. It’s so popular that lots of people refer to using it as “juuling”and not vaping! Read this Juul product review to understand the popularity of juuling and of course, if the juul vaping device is the best choice for you!

The Juul Product Review

By the end of 2017, Juul took the lead as the most popular vaping device in the United States. By about the end of 2018, the company had won almost three-quarters of the overall e-cigarette market, and this was despite the fact that they only offer one kind of device and a relatively limited selection of e-juice flavors in their proprietary pod.

Mostly, the creators of Juul were ex-smokers themselves. They embarked upon a mission to create a vaping device that would appeal to adult smokers. According to their sales and lots of product reviews of the Juul product, they succeeded in this goal.

Drawbacks of the Juul Device

For many people, the Juul also costs more to use than other vaping mods and pods that are designed for refills. The company only wants you to use their propriety pods, and a pack of four typically costs at least $16. If you run through two pods a day, that’s probably about the same cost as a pack of cigarettes, but if you can manage on one pod a day, you’ll still probably save some money.

At the same time, you can buy Jul-compatible pods that are cheaper and even some that you can refill. Some people even pry the top off of the original Juul pods to refill them a couple of times before they wear out.

Really, the biggest drawback might be the proprietary charger. You can’t just use a regular micro charger like you can with some other devices, including the OVNS JC01, a pretty decent Juul copycat. The Juul charger works well; it’s just different.

Juul Vaping Device Advantages

Any true Juul product review would also have to point out the obvious advantages of the Juul device that have made it so popular:

  • Easy vaping: The Juul vaping device is very simple to use. Basically, you just pop pods in and out, keep the device charged, and inhale to activate it.
  • Simulates smoking: People who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes and ex-smokers say that the Juul delivers a very similar experience, so it makes it easier to replace smoking with vaping. That’s why a Vapor Scapes editor called it one of the best vaping devices to quit smoking in 2019.
  • Popularity: As you know, popularity doesn’t always make something good. However, in this case, popularity makes the Juul device available, so you can find a Juul device, pods, and accessories in many vaping stores and even in gas stations and corner stores.
  • Quality: Yes, you can find third-party devices that use Juul pods, and you can even find third-party Juul pods. At the same time, you can also find other similar systems. Juul has a good reputation for quality, reliability, and standing behind their products. If you want a low-frustration vaping experience, a Juul might be for you.
  • Size and shape: The device is small and slim. It almost looks like a flash drive. This makes it easy to carry around. Also, your boss and grandma might not know what it is, so if stealth vaping is your thing, the Juul is a good choice.

How Much Does a Juul Vaping Device Cost to Buy and Use?

The Juul Basic Device Kit retails for about $35, which isn’t incredibly expensive when compared to similar devices. At the time of this article, there was a special on the Juul website to order them for only $15, so you might find the device on sale somewhere. Obviously, the manufacturers and distributors would rather get you started with the device, so you will buy more pods.

Still, most retailers, even online vaping shops, generally sell Juul devices at their retail price. The MSRP isn’t so different than similar pod devices, but you might have better luck finding a Smok Novo, for instance, on sale. Anyway, you can use this handy Juul cost calculator from the official website if you’d like to get an idea about the cost of Juuling for you.

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Is Juuling Best for You?

So, what’s the final conclusion of this Juul product review? The Juul vaping device and vaping pods are popular, easy to find, and reliable. The system also delivers a pretty good experience for ex-smokers and people who want to quit smoking. It’s not necessarily the cheapest way to vape. On the other hand, you can keep vaping with the Juul more affordable by looking for sales or even finding high-quality, third-party Juul-compatible devices.

You’ll probably save money and just as important, improve your health risks with a Juul. Further down the road, you may want to also experiment with other vaping devices that offer more flexibility and cost savings.

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