Loon Juul-Compatible Vaping Device Review

Do you want a Juul-compatible vaping device that takes Juul pods? If so, you will probably be interested in this review of the Loon starter kit. In fact, the Loon Juul-compatible vaping device duplicates so many features of the Juul, it would be hard to tell the difference right out of the box. You can find the Loon starter kit for sale online and in some vaping and convenience stores.

Loon Juul-Compatible Vaping Device Review

Unlike another Juul-compatible vaping device, the OVNS, this one mimics the heft, look, and feel of the brand-name Juul device very well. A reviewer of the Loon starter kit at one popular retailer mentioned that it was “just like a Juul.” Our reviewers concur. If it wasn’t for the Loon brand stamped across the bottom of the battery and upon the charger, most people would not see any difference.

In our new Loon device, we also got a couple of cool skins to use to stick on the device, just to make sure we can tell the difference!

In fact, it’s a lot easier to compare the Loon to the OVNS than it is to compare the Loon to the Juul:

  • The Juul-compatible OVNS device appears to have a more powerful battery, but the Loon is very comparable to the Juul in this respect as well.
  • The OVNS uses a typical micro-USB charger, but the Look uses a magnetic charger like a Juul does. In fact, you can use the chargers for the Loon and the Juul with either device.
  • Unlike OVNS, Loon bods aren’t refillable, except if you want to hack them like some people do with Juul pods. At the same time, pods for any of these devices appear to work with any of the others.

Why Buy a Loon and Not a Juul Device?

The big advantage to buying a Loon device is that it’s typically much cheaper than a Juul. For about the same price as buying only a Juul and charger, you can buy a Loon starter kit that comes with five sample pods to try.

Compare Loon Vs Juul Prices

For instance, at one of our favorite online vaping shops:

  • Loon device and charger only: About $24
  • Loon device and charger with pod sampler pack: About $38 for a Loon
  • Juul device, charger, and pod sampler pack price: About $50
  • Juul basic device and charger: Sold out at this retailer, but we’ve seen them for about $35 at a nearby gas station

The Loon vs. Juul in Use

The experience of using both the Loon and Juul with the same pod is very similar. The charging experience of our new Loon device is also exactly the same, though we believe the Loon starter kit used to come with a slightly different style of charger.

With the new Loon charger, you can also choose to charge it in one of two directions, either straight up or straight out, and this is an advantage. The Juul charger only works straight up, so it won’t fit in some cars.

Should You Buy the Loon Vaping Device?

We’ve had a lot of experience with Juul devices, and they’ve been the most reliable vaping devices that we’ve used. Love them or hate them, they get the job done. We can’t honestly say that we’ve used the Loon vaping device as long. Our initial impression is that the Loon is a good option for a replacement or backup for a Juul because it appears very similar.

If you’re interested in shopping for the Loon, the Juul, the OVNS, or other vaping devices and supplies, you are certainly welcome to visit one of our sponsors: Buy the Loon here.

2 thoughts on “Loon Juul-Compatible Vaping Device Review

  • May 9, 2019 at 7:15 pm

    I did purchase a Loon starter kit, mostly because I was so paranoid about losing my Juul. I actually did have one device fall out of my pocket, so I’ve experienced the pain, lol. I’m not sure I can really tell the difference between a Loon and a Juul, honestly. Even though the Loon device is somewhat cheaper, they’re both still relatively expensive when compared to some other pod mods. Still, I don’t mind paying a bit for quality because nobody likes having a device crap out in the middle of a busy day. For me, it’s just been easier to stick with Juul-compatible devices because I can focus on buying pods and refills for just the one thing. It’s also handy knowing I have an extra charger.

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