Can You Make DIY Vape Juice From Household Items?

Can you make DIY vape juice from household items that you may already have stocked in the pantry? Well, you can vape some things you might find around the house; however it is a bad idea. Be careful about what you’re sucking into your lungs.

At the same time, don’t give up on making vape juice at home because you only need a couple of things that you can procure on your next shopping trip or order online. At the end of this guide to making vaping juice at home, we’ll give you some reasons we’ve heard for taking the DIY approach.

DIY Vape Juice Supplies

Suggested Juice Base: Vegetable Glycerin and Propolyn Glycol

To vape, the only essential ingredient you need is called vegetable glycerin, or VG. This is the base of your e-juice. You can buy food-grade, UPS vegetable glycerin at any drugstore. Now, most vape juice isn’t just made from pure VG because it’s very thick, won’t have nicotine, and will taste like a nothing burger. It might clog up your vaping device or even your lungs.

At a minimum, you should dilute the VG with at least five-percent de-ionized water. Still, most vape juice contains a mix of vegetable glycerin and propolyn glycol, usually referred to as PG.

As for the ratio of VG to PG:

  • Start with a ratio of at least 80/20 VG to PG.
  • You can go all the way up to 50/50 for more intense flavor, but PG may deliver a harsher hit in larger concentrations.
  • Basically, VG produces more vapor and delivers milder hits, but PG carries more flavor.

Nicotine for DIY Vape Juice is mostly directed at people who want to quit smoking by vaping, so most of our readers will want to add nicotine to the mix. You can buy nicotine, but you usually have to buy large quantities.

You can buy smaller quantities already mixed into a VG/PG base, and this is probably a better idea for you if you’re just starting out with DIY vape juice. For example, you can order an unflavored nicotine base for about $12.

In this case, you can select various nicotine strengths and concentrations of VG and PG. You will also find the nicotine on its own on that site, but you have to buy a big quantity. From there, you can add more VG or PG to dilute your mix to the desired strength.

DIY Vape Juice Flavors

Vape Juice Flavors

So, in a quick step or two, you can make DIY vape juice at home. However, you will not have any flavor. Don’t just use any old flavorings that you bought to make a cake. Some of them may contain oils and other ingredients that you should not breath in even if they are fine for eating.

Instead, you can go to a reputable retailer like Amazon and choose from hundreds of vape juice flavors that have been created for that purpose.

Making DIY Vape Juice at Home

To summarize, you can make your own vape juice by:

  • Having a VG base, but you’ll probably want to add PG
  • Adding nicotine or not
  • Adding flavor or not

Why Make Your Own E-Juice?

You could have one of hundreds of reasons to want to make your own vape juice. These are some that we’ve heard:

  • You will probably find that it’s cheaper to make your own vape juice.
  • You could want to be sure that you are using healthier vape juice. That could mean the juice is healthier in general or simply addresses your own personal concerns, like allergies, avoiding nicotine, etc.
  • Perhaps you would rather leave out certain ingredients, like PG, nicotine, or even flavor.
  • Maybe you just cannot find flavors or concentrations that appeal to you around town.
  • Some people just like to control the quality of their vape juice, and it is hard to know exactly what goes into commercial products.
  • Perhaps you would like to add in some other ingredients, but of course, you should only do that prudently.
  • No matter why you want to make your own vape juice, you should know that it’s pretty simple.

We can think of dozens of good reasons to make your own vape juice at home. It’s quite simple. If you want to have 0-nicotine vape juice, for instance, you can just buy VG and PG and then mix them to your desired concentration and then decide to add a flavor.

If you’d like to ask questions or add comments, you can do that in the comments.

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