Vuse Alto Vs. Juul: Which Pod Mod is Best?

If you’re in the market for a simple, closed-system pod mod that’s easy to find refills for at the corner store, you might compare Vuse Alto vs. Juul. At first, these popular pod mods may appear more similar than different, and in a lot of ways they really are. However, some subtle differences may impact your enjoyment, ability to stay away from cigarettes, and the dent they make in your pocketbook.

Vuse Alto Vs. Juul

Both the Vuse Alto and the Juul are common available at gas stations and corner stores. The very accessibility of these vaping devices contributes a lot to their popularity. If you want something that will offer you more choices and in the end, be cheaper to use, consider a vaping device like the Smok Novo 2 instead.

You buy refillable pods for a Novo, so you aren’t locked into the relatively pricier pre-filled ones that you get with the Juul or Alto. While it’s easy enough to find the Novo, vape juice, and extra pods online or at most vape shops, you’re not likely to find what you need at a convenience store, plus it’s easier to carry around pre-filled pods and smaller devices, so let’s look at the Vuse Alto and Juul.

Here’s a quick comparison of some essential specs for both of these vaping devices:

  • Battery: The Vuse battery is 350 MaH vs 200 MaH for the Juul. Mostly, this means your Vuse will keep a charge longer.
  • Charger: Both devices have a proprietary charger. This is another plus for a device like the Novo 2, which uses the same micro-USB charger that many cell phones use. The Vuse charger has a long cord, while the Juul just barely sticks out of the slot.
  • Pods: The pre-filled pods for the Vuse are larger, at 1.8 ml. compared to a measly .7 ml. for the Juul. Vuse pod packs come with two pods, and you can buy Juul packs with two or four pods. We’ve generally found Vuse two-packs for about $13, and Juul four-packs for about $16. Remember the Vuse pods are more than twice as large, so they’re more economical.
  • Flavors: If you can find them, Juul has more flavors. These days, lots of stores only seem to carry tobacco and mint, but you can order all sorts of flavors online. The editors here liked the Alto rich tobacco, but Juul mint won over Alto mint as well in a subjective test. You can also find plenty of third-party pod companies with a variety of flavors for the Juul.
  • Accessories: As with flavors, plenty of third-party companies make a variety of chargers, cases, etc. for the Juul, and there aren’t so many choices for the Alto. For instance, you can buy a Juul-compatible, refillable pod system like the OVNS, with a 400 MaH batter and micro-USB charger.

Is the Vuse Alto or Juul Best?

Currently, plenty of retailers are selling the Alto for .99, and you can also get that deal on the official website. In contrast, a Juul kit will probably cost you about $35, though it’s possible to find sales. Of course, the .99 deal doesn’t include any pods, so you’ll have to spend several bucks to buy vape juice in their proprietary pods.

Typically, the Alto will be cheaper to use. It’s also more convenient because the charge lasts longer and the pods are bigger. The Alto also comes with a better charger and its magnetic pods are nifty. Both the Juul and the Alto deliver a similar vaping experience, though you’ll have more options for flavors and third-party flavors and accessories with the Juul.

In summary, either the Juul or the Alto is a good choice if you need a simple, convenient vaping device to help you quit smoking or as a backup for your regular vaping device. In the long run, a refillable pod system like the Novo 2 or Nord might serve you better as your main vape.

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