Quit Smoking, Start Vaping, Says Georgetown University

A recent study from cancer researchers at Georgetown University says that 6.6 million smokers could live a total of almost 87 million more years if they switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping. It’s true that this was the most optimistic takeaway from this study; however, any projection ended up with millions of people living longer. For instance, the worst projection showed 1.6 million smokers living over 20 million more years. Yes, you may live longer by vaping and not smoking.

Vaping and Not Smoking Reduces Cancer Risk, Says Oncologist

Hey, we’re not just here trying to push e-cigs and juice. We’re really interested in helping frustrated and addicted smokers find a way to quit smoking. Dr. David Levy, and oncologist on the study, understands how difficult some people find it to stop smoking. He believes that e-cigarettes can offer them a solution.

Even though vaping still leaves you with nicotine addiction and effects, it doesn’t expose you to hundreds of carcinogens that you get from tobacco. Vaping isn’t a perfect solution for smoking cessation, but it, at least, is a solution.

Does Vaping Help People Stop Smoking?

Right now, the FDA has approved such smoking cessation products as nicotine gum and mints. For us, these are great products to take on a plane, to a hospital visit, or to other places where vaping is absolutely prohibited. According to multiple studies, vaping works better than these products. This is true even though many of these studies actively minimize how effective vaping truly is.

Vaping simulates the sensation of smoking and delivers more pleasure. Obviously, nicotine addiction is part of the problem, however, smokers obviously develop a mental addiction to the act as well.

Why Authorities Should Encourage Vaping Over Smoking

The first study cited above painted a very rosy picture of a future where authorities encouraged vaping over smoking. Smoking rates would drop to five to ten percent of the population. According to UK studies, vaping has about five percent of the health risks of smoking. Imagine that, 95 percent fewer people would get sick.

Is Encouraging E-Cigs Like Making a Deal With the Devil?

Nicotine addiction carries its own risks. For instance, the substance can cause adrenaline spikes that could cause heart problems in some people. Still, FDA-approved nicotine gum and mints also contain nicotine. The danger is much lower of developing dread diseases, like cancer, from vaping.

One heart doctor said that encouraging e-cigs was like making a deal with the devil. On the other hand, he admitted that it was a deal that we should consider.

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