Juuling Vs Vaping: The Great Vape Debate

Has your comparison of vaping vs. JuulIng hit a snag? You don’t necessarily have to compare Juuling vs vaping because of course, Juul is simply the brand name for a popular manufacturer of the Juul device, vaping pods, and other accessories.

Before, we’ve gone into detail about other specific devices, such as our review of the Juul vs the Loon device. In response to questions we’ve fielded here at Vaporscapes.com, mostly from people trying to quit smoking with vaping, we’ve decided to take a broader approach to try to explain the differences between Juuling and vaping that our readers perceive.

How to Define Juuling Vs Vaping

It’s little wonder that people wonder jow Juul differs from vaping. Juul has become so dominant in the vaping market that Juuling has become a synonym for vaping in the way that Kleenex became a synonym for tissues generations earlier. In fact, Tabasco Control even published a research paper on the topic of Vaping Versus JUULing.

This paper discusses multiple ways that Juul changed the American and even global e-cigarette market. For example:

  • Since 2015, Juul has bloomed into the largest brand of retail vape companies.
  • By a couple of years ago, Juul had claimed about one-quarter of the entire American vaping market.
  • The company’s success has been attributed to some of its features and its marketing campaigns.

Anyway, to define Juuling vs vaping, you might simply say that vaping refers to the use of any e-cigarette. Juuling might refer to only using a Juul, using a Juul or Juul-compatible device, or even using any vaping device.

Is the Juul Device the Best?

You could ask 100 vaping enthusiasts if Juuling is the best and get dozens of different answers. Of course, you might get the same variety of responses if you simply asked which vaping device is best. Personally, we did NOT want to like the Juul as much as we did.

Juul Pros and Cons

These are the main pros and cons we have found with Juul:

  • Closed system: Some obvious drawbacks to a popular, closed-system include the expense and inconvenience of only buying Juul pods and limited flavors. We can solve these problems by shopping online with vaping promo codes and by buying cheap, compatible pods and even batteries and accessories.
  • Reliability: Still, Juul keeps wooing us back to the name-brand products by proving more reliable than its imitators. Our Juul devices have outlasted their competitors, and the pods appear to last longer too.
  • Good for ex-smokers: We listed Juul as one of the best vaping devices to stop smoking. Honestly, it’s our go-to-device over the others. Yes, it can cost more to use, but the darned thing works and doesn’t crap out if your sneeze.

Also, the so-called closed system isn’t as closed as Juul wishes that it was. Just a few companies that we’ve already covered on this site that produce Juul-compatible vaping devices, pods, and accessories include EonSmoke, Loon, and OVNS.

For example, if you dislike the weird Juul charger, you can replace it with another style. The Loon charger has a slot for vertical and horizontal charging, and that’s the only thing that fits in some cars. And, yes, you can use the Loon charger with a Juul device.

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