Is Vaping CBD E-Juice Legal in the USA?

These days, you can find CBD oil in vaping store, smoke shops, and even gas stations. If you prefer to shop online, you can even order CBD oil and e-juice from many online vaping websites. Sure, you can find it everywhere; however, is vaping CBD e-juice legal in the USA?

Is CBD E-Juice Legal to Buy and Use in All 50 States?

The U.S. FDA published their report on the passage of the Agricultural Improvement Act in late 2018. This new law allowed the extraction, distribution, and sale of low-THC CBD oil from hemp. The feds still don’t allow the sale of any products made from high-THC hemp, or marijuana, but some states do, so that’s still a legal issue.

Since this hemp-derived product has low levels of THC, you won’t experience the psychoactive effects of marijuana. So, is CBYD oil legal to buy all over the US? Yes, if you buy very low-THC CBD, and otherwise, it depends upon the state that you live in. Also, some cities and states may restrict even the sale of low-THC CBD.

For instance, Maine and NYC have begun to crack down on edible products that contain CBD oil. Those restrictions on CBD include a variety of CBD-laced candy and even restaurant food. Apparently, CBD vaping e-juice and oil are not the main targets of local restrictions.

Why Do People Vape CBD?

Also, sellers and manufacturers of CBD must take care in making health claims about the use of the product. Even though research has demonstrated that CBD extracts may help reduce or prevent seizures, other health claims haven’t been backed by scientific studies.

People who vape CBD e-juice report such benefits as curbing anxiety, chronic pain, or even other drug habits, including nicotine. It’s sort of ironic that some people vape CBD to curb smoking or vaping nicotine juice. These are mostly personal reports and not scientific studies.

At the same time, the lack of studies doesn’t mean that these claims aren’t true — it just means they haven’t been researched well. Hopefully, doctors and scientists will get the resources they need to provide more answers about the effectiveness of CBD vaping in the future.

Is Vaping CBD E-Juice Safe?

The problem is that the market for CBD e-juice and other products are still new and sort of like the Wild West. There’s little regulation, so consumers have a hard time comparing various brands, products, and strengths. You should do your own research before you buy CBD products off the shelf at your local convenience store.

With that said, CBD oil is generally regarded as safe. Still, anybody who has health issues or takes other medications should speak with their doctor first because of potential drug interactions or unintended side effects. Some doctors have concerns that it may affect brain development, so it’s definitely not for kids unless they’re under medical supervision because of a serious medical condition, like seizures, that might justify the risk.

Can CBD Vaping Work for You?

If you take medications or have health issues, you should absolutely speak with your doctor first. You certainly don’t want to rely upon the medical advice of the clerk in your local vape shop or corner store. After that, you will need to take responsibility for researching various CBD products that you can buy in your area. People who live in states that have not legalized marijuana may have the hardest time finding information about CBD because of their community’s attitudes.

CBD vaping may provide you with benefits. Proceed with caution and make informed decisions.

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