Do E-Cigs Contain Tobacco (and Why it’s Important)

First off, vape juice can differ a lot in its ingredients. That’s why the disclaimer at the top of this website says that vape juice might contain nicotine. You can buy vape juice with 0-percent nicotine. That e-juice may only contain a base and flavor, or it could include other ingredients. For instance, you can now buy legal CBD vape juice. Instead, let’s ask — Do e-cigs contain tobacco if they also contain nicotine?

Do E-Cigs Contain Tobacco if They Also Contain Nicotine?

It’s possible but uncommon to buy vaporizers for dry herbs, and these could use tobacco. This is an entirely different thing that buying e-juice or prefilled-pods for typical vaping.

The vape juice may contain nicotine that has been originally derived from tobacco plants. It’s fair to say that the nicotine from vape juice, nicotine gum, etc. may have been originally extracted from tobacco.

The American Cancer Society directly says that e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco.

Nicotine Vs. Tobacco

Even though it’s fair to say that e-cigarette juice doesn’t contain tobacco, the FDA still classifies it as a kind of tobacco product. As we’ve covered before, nicotine is addictive. In addition, nicotine may be harmful for young brains. At the same time, we already know that tobacco used in smoking cigarettes contains at least 70 cancer-causing chemicals.

First, the American Cancer Society urges smokers to try FDA-approved therapies. If such therapies as nicotine gum or certain medications aren’t working or aren’t appealing, the ACS goes on to urge people to try vaping as a replacement for smoking. ‘

In fact, the American Cancer Society’s position paper on e-cigarettes supports the idea of using e-cigarettes to stop using combustible tobacco cigarettes, though they’d prefer people to wean themselves off of nicotine eventually.

No, E-Cigarettes Don’t Contain Tobacco

So, why are vaping devices, like e-cigarettes, still classified as tobacco products by many authorities? This may explain some of the main reasons:

  • Obviously, there’s a need to communicate that vape juice may contain an addictive substance, like nicotine. That effort may be made more urgent because of concerns over teen vaping.
  • It’s also true that there’s a lot of misunderstanding about the nature and risks of vaping. Even though studies have come out demonstrating the contrary, the number of Americans who think vaping is the same as smoking has actually increased recently.

Nicotine vaping juice obviously contains nicotine; however, it doesn’t contain tobacco. Nobody can say that vapor is completely harmless, but plenty of credible sources have proclaimed it less harmful than smoking tobacco. You can find many of these sources in our previous article on ways that vaping is less harmful and cheaper than smoking.

Takeaway: Anyway, e-juice doesn’t contain tobacco and vaping isn’t the same as smoking. If vaping can help you quit smoking, that’s probably a positive step.

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  • April 15, 2019 at 5:11 pm

    I hate to sound like a conspiracy guy, but I’m sure Big Tobacco has something to do with the misinformation and fear about vaping too.

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