Vaping 101 Technology and Trends Guide

Are you confused by today’s vaping tech? While the basics of vaping are actually pretty simple, recent vaping tech trends have introduced a lot of different kinds of vaping systems recently. Instead of getting confused or left behind, catch up with this vaping 101 guide to the latest vaping tech and trends.

Vaping 101 Technology and Trends

First, take a simplified look at vaping tech from a vaping 101 perspective. This section will offer you a quick explanation of how vaping devices work. Basically, you just need a battery to power the device and a container to hold vaping juice. You might refer to the e-juice container as a tank. The tank could be a cartridge, pod, or other kind of container.

Of course, the battery heats metal coils that come in contact with the e-juice, and that’s how they produce vapor. The wick absorbs the juice and keeps it in contact with the coils. With some systems, you may change coils or wicks, but with many simple vaping devices, you don’t really need to know much about these components to enjoy your vaping experience. That’s because many devices come with disposable pods that contain e-juice, coils, and wicks.

Armed with that simplified view of vaping devices, you can better understand the most common kinds of vaping devices:

The Cartridge Vaping System

First made popular about a decade ago, a cartridge vaping system will usually resemble a traditional cigarette or a pen because of its shape. The bottom part will consist of a rechargeable battery. The top part is the cartridge, and this screws on and off. With some cartridge vaping devices, you might either buy them pre-filled or buy empty cartridges that you can refill.

Pod Vaping Devices

To follow a vaping 101 tech guide, you might think of pod vaping devices as simply an evolution of the older vaping cartridge devices. Generally, a snap-in cartridge replaces the screw-in cartridge as the tank that holds the e-liquid. The devices that made the list of our best vaping devices to quit smoking were all pod devices as well.

Commonly, the pod holds the wick and coil. With the easiest vaping devices to use, you simply replace the entire pod if you need to replace the wick and coil, even if you can refill the pod.

Examples of Popular Pod Systems

For instance, the Smok Nord allows you to replace the coil in the pod, but a depleted a coil on the Smok Novo requites you to replace the entire pod. It might help to compare the Smok Nord and Smoke Novo devices and available accessories on one of our sponsor sites.

You can buy new pods or coils for the Nord, but you can only buy new pods for the Novo because the coil comes with them. This makes the Novo simpler, but frankly, we’ve had better feedback about the Nord. Also, Smok has made it pretty easy to pop coils in and out.

In contrast, completely closed pod systems, like the Juul, have about a 20 percent share of the market, according to this Toronto Sun report. Lots of people start out with simple, closed pod systems, but they end up with an open-pod, refillable system later because it’s cheaper and offers more flexibility with the strengths, type, and flavor of vaping liquid.

What’s the Biggest Vaping Device Trend for 2019 and Beyond?

Really, the biggest differences between newer and older vaping 101 trends is that the devices have gotten smaller and easier to use. You can find devices that are the size and shape of pens, a stack of credit cards, or flash drives. Some have simple button activation, but others only need you to draw upon them to start. In addition, manufacturers have worked to offer smokers a similar experience to make it easier to kick the smoking habit.

Some folks love larger and bulkier vaping devices with more complex controls. Typically, people who are new to vaping will hope to enjoy a simple and affordable experience with the kind of vaping device they choose. No vaping 101 guide can point you to the best device for you. This beginner’s vaping guide can offer you more information to get started.

2 thoughts on “Vaping 101 Technology and Trends Guide

  • June 27, 2019 at 2:13 am

    So, from a vaping 101 perspective, which kind of vaping device is best for people who are trying to quit smoking and don’t know much about vaping tech?

  • June 27, 2019 at 2:19 am

    Of course, the best vaping device for people who want to quit smoking depends somewhat upon their personality and preferences. Some people just love to tinker with sophisticated vaping mods, and the fact that it becomes a sort of hobby helps them stay away from cigarettes.

    With that said, MOST smokers do better with a simple vape that simulates smoking very well. For average smokers, I’d point them at a pod system like the Juul. You can understand why we say this by reading this:

    In our review of good vaping devices to quit smoking, we also mention the Smok Novo and Nord and Aspire Breeze. They aren’t closed systems, so they may work out cheaper.

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